Cock Rings and Penile Toys to Discover

My hardwear isn’t giving me what I expected!

This is one common complaint among cock ring, ejaculation bar, and adult toy users, who usually buy such products for medical purpose (fighting premature ejaculation) or mere sexual recreation.

If you are yet to start being an adult toy user, here are some types of penis gear to choose from. Try not to get too excited about the bling that will enhance your stimulation and pleasure!

Cock rings come in different kinds, materials, colors, and uses. Generally, though, they aim to extend male erection through the principle of constriction. They help either combat erectile problems or merely improve engorgement and tightness. You may choose silicone/rubber, glass, or metal, depending on your preference. Did you know, too, that there are cockrings with built-in vibrators to target your partner’s spot, too?

Artificial vaginas – also referred to as masturbators or “pocket pussies,” are created to take in a penis to simulate intercourse. They can be shaped like vaginas, or even an anus, for penetration. There are also those equipped with sex-machine choices.

• A penis sleeve, a cylindrical device placed on the penis shaft, aims to increase stimulation for the one being penetrated. They usually come with soft bumps that offer greater stimulation.

• A ball lock is a usual padlock fastened around the male scrotum. It separates the testicles from the genitals and can only be removed by key or combination.

• A penis extension appears like a short dildo – it is partially hollow, with the hollow end placed on the end of the penis to increase the organ’s effective length. It benefits the person being penetrated. Generally, it is used with a condom to prevent falling off during intercourse.

• A triple crown is a special class of cock ring, with additional rings for testicular restriction. Your testicles usually retract toward your body before you ejaculate, and a triple crown alters and intensifies the orgasmic sensation through forcing the testicles away from your body.

• A cock harness is a harness made to be worn around your penis and scrotum. It is similar to a cock ring in function. A cock harness is often linked to BDSM acts like cock and ball torture, with an Arab strap among its common types used to maintain an erection.

• A fifi towel – also known as a fifi bag – is a slang term referring to an improvised women’s genital. It is usually made of cloth or fabric.

• A docking sleeve is a cylindrical device similar to a penis sleeve. The different is it’s open at both ends to enable two women to dock and masturbate mutually.

Keep posted for more news and useful information on the cock rings, ejaculation bar, and other penile gear you should explore using.

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