Cock Ring Guy Gears Up for Pure Fun and Power

From So-So to Whoa! Sex Hasn’t Been This Good

Hardwear cock rings and other flashy penile jewelry can intimidate or appear unnecessary to many men out there today, especially those who feel content about themselves and the “big guns” they bring to lovemaking. But would you rather stay in your comfort zone than explore this opportunity to get bigger, better, more lasting erections and unforgettable orgasms?

Better said than done, you’d think. Billions are being spent and invested each year on so-called “boner pills,” ever since Viagra shocked world as a purported miracle pill for erectile dysfunction (ED). Different male enhancing tips have also been heeded, including the towel method and penis pumping techniques. All these, however, have their own sets of pros and cons, still pushing for the need to find a better, safe, and much more effective solution to your manhood issues.

Cock Ring and Jewelry: How Does This Stuff Work?

Cock-and-ball device, sex toy, cock ring or jewelry – this constricting tool go by many different names, but the bottom line is this: it’s fitted to your penis accordingly, and a wearer is expected to have heightened orgasms, grander erections, more intense ejaculations that can hardly be expected every day, or when you want them the most.

All these are due to the fact that a cock ring fills the penis with blood, making it engorged and ready to last all night, if you will and want it hard enough!

Cock rings are made of a variety of materials, including metal, rubber, and glass. Most are non-adjustable, making it a must to get properly adjusted. There are adjustable ones, including those made of leather straps.

A cock ring that’s too tight is rather hard to remove and dangerous, potentially cutting off circulation in the male genitalia completely. Glass penis rings, on the other hand, could be slippery due to the nature of the material.

Cock rings are fitted over the penis before erection, and a lubricant can assist in putting them more easily. A horseshoe cock ring is a popular type – it is worn in any of several configurations of the male package to maximize the size and hardness of the erect penis, to enlarge it, to extend lovemaking by working on the male staying power, and to intensify semen volume, orgasms, and ejaculatory reach and power.

Mouthfuls of benefits, yes, but you can see all these for yourself when you choose your own hardwear today. Adult shops carry their line of cock rings, and you can try them on for a surer fit. Leading online sites, however, also anticipate your needs and requirements and carry a range that you can read extensively on and they can ship discreetly to your door.

There are ED patients who forego this male-enhancing solution, along with young dudes who never thought that sex could be better. Cock rings are self-applied, affordable, and just needs to be fitted to your man tool accordingly – check out resources on this site to see the big (and we mean BIG ) difference now.

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